by Misshapen

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Misshapen is proud to release our first demo tracks to the world. Misshapen is melodic death metal band with strong black and prog metal influences from Ottawa, Ontario. Featuring members of A Scar For The Wicked(one of Ottawa's premier local death metal acts) and some fresh faces, Misshapen is made up of: Pat Murray(vocals), Adam Semler(guitar), Mitch Dimitriadis(guitar), Chris Pickard(bass) and Nick Rodgers(drums). Be sure to visit us on Facebook at


released November 2, 2016

All songs written and performed by Misshapen. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joe Moon.



all rights reserved


Misshapen Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: The Epidemic
This race will be erased!!...
Behold, this, world, in its dismay,
That we have helped create.
Try to survive this blunder,
We look to the sky and each other…
The truth, is, divine,
For all of us, left behind.
The sickness will take its place,
We’ll pay for our mistakes!....
So why ! Do ! We ! ….
Succumb ! To !
The sickness that drags us all down,
Withered away!
Sit day by day, and watch it decay!..
So why ! Do ! We ! …
Succumb ! To !
The sickness that plagues this world,
We just pray!
This state of decay is not far away….
The putrid sickness is so foul!....
It will erase this world!..
Until the truth unvails!..
We’re doomed to walk this hell, This hell!!!!!! Era!....
We will all fade away……
Because we’re afraid!!!
We will all fade away…..
To run from the pain!!!
We will all fade away….
To escape!!!
We will all fade away….
And be erased!!!...
Track Name: When Oceans Run Dry
We... Have all become what society made us
Be... We stole, we lied, we killed, and been set
Free… To look at ourselves and see
Inhumanity… For we are death and we are
Failing… Ourselves as a species on this planet
Earth… To fight and respect, all we
Preserve… We want to fight and have since
Birth… We were born to choose and get what we deserve!!!!!
What we deserve!!!
All, the, pain, of the people that got in our way,
We must repent for their souls, and of course for our own,
Things we’ve done, to survive, Are locked away inside their minds!
The hate, and web of lies, has made us become so Blind!!!!..
So blind!!...
To the ways of the world and the ways of life
So blind!!...
So blind!!..
To the ways of the world and the ways of life!...
When the oceans run dry…
We’ll see what we have done!!
When the oceans run dry…
It will be too late to run!!
When the oceans run dry…
We’ll see what we’ve become!!
When the oceans run dry…
The end has just begun!!...
We are more than our physical selves, we can't be locked in a physical cell!...
You’ll kick and scream as their dragging you down, searing flesh in the depths of this hell!!...
We will, never, follow, so blind!...
No.. More.. Free.. Will…
We’ll be, silenced, suppressed, no more!...
Watch, it , all , burn!!!..
When the oceans run dry…
We’ll see what we have done!!
When the oceans run dry…
It will be to late to run!!
When the oceans run dry…
We’ll see what we’ve become!!
When the oceans run dry….
The end has just begun!!!!
Track Name: Abstract Darkness
Abstract darkness, the absence of light.
Luminescence non-existent.
Visual distortion, an optical illusion
That changes perception in the night.

Darkness falling again, the light will meet its end.
The night will overtake, day will be erased.
The shadows will swallow the sun, abstract darkness has just begun.

Welcome the eternity, a shadowy somber fantasy
Live this new reality, wander the darkness endlessly
Try to find your inner self, now before you beg for help,
Lock yourself in a cell, and surrender to the dark itself.

Welcome, darkness, we serve, the night.
Shadows, consume, the light.
Abstract, darkness, for all, mankind, forever.
Track Name: Into The Sun
To distant shores we venture
Into foreign skies we fly
Will we look into the distance?
Or will we stare into the sun?

For too long we have waited to spread our wings
Faint dreams of a better tomorrow
I won’t be bound by chains.
To become what you want you must sacrifice
Take risks, make changes and look for the future

Success, to persevere, it’s what we all want.
Yet no one seems to strive to achieve.
Staring blindly into the sun
Is not the fucking life for me!

Pack your bags and take flight
This is your only chance to make it right.
Leave your home and get on the road
This is the only time you’ll ever know.
Say goodbye and sail away
Look for the future to see the day,
Where you finally stop waking up at a night
Realize this is the only chance you get at life.
Track Name: Omnipresence
Born into this world, a vessel of flesh, a mortal structure containing life.
Without consent, life was gifted to this body. To walk the earth, to breathe the air.
To grow in this place, a land of sin, this life you will soon learn to embrace
Without reason we are born. We must search for our purpose.

Omnipresence, the circle of life.

Make this life your own. Let your story unfold.

We learn to create. We learn to destroy.
Are we all living for nothing? Is there a reason for this journey?
We must fail before we succeed. That’s all life is for me.

Embrace your failure, learn from your mistakes.
Life is a story, a path that we all must take.
Find strength from within.
Make sure that you won’t have any regrets when you are

Gone from this world, a vessel of flesh, a mortal structure releasing life.
With consent, life was taken from this body. To become the earth, to become the air.
We lived in this place, a land of sin, this death you will soon learn to embrace.
Without reason we are born. We must have served our purpose.